Vireo is the latest addition to the expanding Greenwood family.

Let us introduce the next generation of Heat Recovery - designed with a fresh and intelligent edge. Vireo is innovative unique and focuses on delivering in three key areas;

Easy Building Regulation Compliance
Guaranteed Installed Performance - GIP
Cost control through design, install, commissioning and handover... installer happiness is on our agenda.

Remember GIP is now a fundamental part of Building Regulation sign off

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Heat Recovery isn't just about air or even hot air, it could be the sole source of ventilation in a property and therefore should always work effectively.

Vireo: A solution for all new housing types and applications.

Vireo HR155WM

Can be easily installed in a kitchen cupboard – the new white good on the block!

Vireo HR155CM

Suitable for apartment and small houses – for inline/ceiling mounting!

Vireo HR185WM

Designed for tall boy cupboards – no need to site in the loft! For medium and larger sized houses

Directly reduce Dwelling Emission Rates in SAP
Now let's get onto the important stuff….

Vireo is Easier, Better, SMARTer than the rest.

MVHR is the method.

Vireo is the product.

SMART Technology from Greenwood is what sets it apart from the rest.

Vireo is loaded with SMART Applications, our very own SMART Apps that have been designed to assist in the delivery of GIP (Guaranteed Installed Performance), something that is at the very core of Greenwood's focus.

SMART Apps make SMART Sense…

A 70% quicker* set-up process!

*based on third party installation challenge with Vireo

No more nuisance boosting - not affected by distance and dilution!

Not filter bypass like others!

Think Heat Recovery - Think System. A unique ducting system!

Runs the fan based on time in the room - in room for 5 mins, over run for 8 mins.

SMART Technology at a glance:

If the results are the same - which route would you rather take?

Brand new Greenwood CommissionSMART™ technology gives Vireo edge because the commissioning is completed through a step-by-step wizard.

steps in total for Vireo, whilst others can take up to

Vireo has a simple 'turn and press' control which is used to navigate through the 8 step commissioning wizard...

With our innovative wizard set up time is reduced, which means costs can be reduced, and most importantly, there is no risk of getting it wrong, because you HAVE to go through the process!

It's simple. Installer happiness is on our agenda and so is GIP.

We make sure that if a humidity controlled unit is specified it will ALWAYS ensure (GIP) Guaranteed Installed Performance

Did you know

Using humidity control in whole house systems is completely different from single point intermittent fans…

Why does Vireo do it better?

Greenwood HumidiSMART™ is the only type of humidity control that is not affected by Distance and Dilution.

It monitors the normal humidity levels IN THE PROPERTY
It activates when a man-made spike is sensed - a rapid increased from the norm!
Because its waiting for a spike and not to reach a certain point - the rapid increase will ALWAYS be sensed, even if it is diluted as it travels to the unit!

What would you say if your home was being supplied with unfiltered air throughout the summer?

We make sure that the unit is ALWAYS filtering air that is going into the home - because there are many that dont!

When we say summer by-pass, we mean it – others actually mean summer and filter bypass.

Greenwood SummerSMART™ is a true summer by-pass that provides filtered air 365 days per year.

Why is this an issue?

In airtight dwellings where MVHR has been installed, ventilation is crucial, especially in the summer where there are a higher number of external airborne particles!

Think Heat Recovery - Think System.

It's so much more than the unit when you think about the long term!

How long are your new homes going to last?


MVHR systems can be maintained easily – and replaced but what about the ducting?

Ducting is as important as the unit in the provision of ventilation over the lifetime of the property because it WILL affect airflow performance!

Greenwood ConnectSMART™

Say hello to ComfoFresh - the UK's most SMARTest ducting system, ideal for specification and installation with Heat Recovery Ventilation;


Because it can be cleaned
Because it assists in the delivery of Guaranteed Installed Performance
Because it is the speediest and easiest ducting to install
Greenwood ConnectSMART™ technology means that there are no joins, no sealant and no duct tape.
It also means it's easy to achieve GIP

There's more
to tell you...

Installation Time = Installation Savings:

It's the only truly universal product

With others, you need to dismantle units on site, you need to take time to do this – and this means potential risk.

With Vireo you hand the unit at the touch of button.

This means potentially a 70% quicker install time*

In another way what we are saying is that you can install 3.29 Vireo units in the same time you can install 1 of the other MVHR units on the market.

Ask to see our installer cost calculator and see how much you can save on site.

*Based on an independent installation in left hand configuration test comparing Vireo and one other MVHR system

Now that's what we call innovative design.

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